Heat Pumps info

Replacing baseboard heaters with a heat pump has the potential to save the average Gabriola homeowner who heats (only) with electricity an estimated 1100 kWh or around $1200 per year. An interesting aspect of this is that a bulk purchase arrangement has been set up whereby Gabriolans can acquire heat pumps at a discount off retail price in return for a $200 donation to Island Futures. As of October 2018, 635 heat pumps have been installed under this social enterprise. To find out more, send an email to: empowergabriola@gmail.com.

George and Kit Santo (above) purchased Heat Pump # 400 in 2016

If you have already procured a heat pump and have questions about operating or servicing it please see:

  1. Fujitsu 12RLS Heat Pump Owners Guide
  2. Using the Fujitsu 12RLS Remote Control